How to Apply
Before you apply, please read the following information about our program:
  1. To participate, you must be in the foster care system in Sacramento County. We hope to expand our program to other counties as our organization grows, so please check back with us if you live outside of Sacramento County.

  2. You may either apply using our online form, or print out an application in PDF format and mail it to our office.

    If you are mailing your application, please send it to:
    Something Special, Inc.
    Attention: Charles B. Stevens
    400 Capitol Mall, Suite 1400
    Sacramento, California 95814

  3. When applying, please provide as much detail as possible. We want to provide the things you need to help you succeed in your interest, and we need your help in determining how we do that.

  4. We will acknowledge receipt of your application to you in writing. Awards are made as we have funds available.

  5. For applicants who are selected for an award, we will furnish you with equipment, lessons and other resources (e.g. team fees) to allow you to participate in your area of interest. We will purchase the equipment for you, and make payments for lessons or fees on your behalf for a specified period of time. We will not make any cash payments to you or your caregiver. The equipment provided to you is yours to keep.

  6. Should you wish to continue beyond the time frame of your initial award, you may apply for additional support (i.e. renewal). Before we would grant additional awards, we will seek information regarding your progress under the initial award, and we will verify that you still possess and have properly treated any equipment provided to you.

  7. It is up to you and your caregiver to determine if your participation in a particular activity is safe and appropriate for you. Our program will provide you with equipment and financial resources to enable you to explore and develop your interests.

  8. If you are interested in seeing a list of awards we have recently made to other kids, click here.

  9. If you have additional questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Apply Online

Obtain Application for Mailing [pdf]

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